Welcome to our web site, the BK RC Podcast came to life in May, 2018 by Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy. Bert and Kyle wanted to create a podcast that delivered interesting and relevant content on a weekly basis. Whether you are a newbie to RC helicopters or a seasoned pilot, you will find our podcast informative, entertaining and fun!

Bert Kammerer has been involved in RC for over 36 years, helicopters specifically since 2003. He has worked in design, research and development for many industry leaders, such as Align, Miniature Aircraft, Horizon Hobby, Outrage, SAB Heli Division and Byron Fuels to name a few. Bert also co-produced a show series called “SmackTalk RC” and continues to make instructional videos for new pilots in the hobby. He is part of the board of directors of “TORCHS” (The Orlando Remote Control Helicopter Society) and the founder and main organizer of the “Orlando Helicopter Blowout”, the 2nd largest RC helicopter event in the United States. Bert has traveled to over 23 countries doing demonstrations and owns and operates “BK Designs”, a company that specializes in the design and distribution of RC helicopter specific products. Bert is the owner and designer of “BK Servo”, one of the leading brands of servos designed specifically for high performance helicopter use.


Kyle has been flying RC aircraft since he was 5 years old, and has been going to the flying field with his father since he was 2. Kyle can fly both airplanes and helicopters, but gravitated towards helicopters around the age of 8 and started following many of the top pilots at the time, one being Mr. Bert Kammerer! Kyle has had the fortune to travel all over the world to demonstrate and compete for companies such as SAB Heli Division, BK Servo, Miniature Aircraft and Futaba to to name a few. Kyle competed in his very first helicopter competition at the age of 10 in Chicago at the iHobby Expo placing 5th. In later years he was able to become World Champion at the 3D Cup France in 2015, back-to-back “The ONE” champion at IRCHA for 2014 and 2015, Battle Of The Brands winner at IRCHA in 2016, recently winning the music contest at RotorLive in Germany in March, as well as many other podium finishes.